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We have lemmatised the interpretive editions of the Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César in Fr20125 and Royal 20 D I, using a digital tool called Lemming, created by Marcus Husar and Stephen Doerr of the Dictionnaire étymologique de l’ancien français (DEAF). The data from lemmatisation are accessible on our search page, which is also linked to the Text Viewer.

The lemmatisation of the two complete interpretive editions have now been published on the search page.

There are a very small number of corrections (< 5) completed after lemmatisation, which we have not been able to re-lemmatise (e.g. Fr20125 §1077.1 'rois'>'tors').

Search: Result Type

Three different types of results are available for the user:

  1. Words in Context (concordance)
  2. Names (index of names)
  3. Lemmata (all lemmata and names)

Users can search for lemmas or forms in all three results lists. It is possible to move directly from Names and Lemmata to Words in Context by selecting a name or lemma. The Words in Context results list is also linked to the paragraph in which the segment occurs in the Text Viewer.

Words in Context: Facets

The facets for filtering the Words in Context results list are described below. The top ten results are listed under each facet (with the exception of the 'form' facet, under which the top 50 results are included). The results can be sorted by form, previous/next word, or location.



The attested form(s) of the lemma.



The dictionary entry for the word in the Tobler-Lommatzsch, Altfranzösisches Wörterbuch and/or the Dictionnaire Étymologique de l'Ancien Français.



The manuscript witness of the Histoire ancienne jusqu'à César.



The narrative section of the Histoire ancienne jusqu’à César. For more information see our introduction to the edition.


Textual Form

Passages of octosyllabic verse differentiated from prose.


Text Body/Rubrics

The main text body differentiated from the rubrics.



Passages of narration differentiated from those of direct speech or indirect reported speech.


Grammatical Attribute

We have tagged the following grammatical/linguistic attributes:

enclitique: the enclitic forms of the definite article or an oblique personal pronoun when preceded by either a preposition or a negative adverb (ne).

cas régime: personal pronouns in the object case.

cas sujet: personal pronouns in the subject case.

inf. substantivé: infinitives used as nouns.

nom propre: names of buildings, individuals, places, and peoples.

p.p.: past participles of verbs.

hapax: a word not attested elsewhere.

January 2022