The Values of French

The Values of French Language and Literature in the European Middle Ages. ERC Advanced Grant (no. 670726) at King's College London

Seminar members

In addition to the project team, the members of the seminar are as follows:

Luca Barbieri (Fribourg)

Fabrizio Cigni (Pisa)

Stephen Dörr (Heidelberg)

Sarah Kay (NYU)

Matthew Lampitt (King's College London)

Adam Ledgeway (Cambridge)

Sylvie Lefèvre (Paris 4/Sorbonne)

Lino Leonardi (Florence/Sienna)

Marjorie Lorch (Birkbeck)

Sophie Marnette (Oxford)

Laura Minervini (Naples)

Francesco Montorsi (Zurich)

Nicola Morato (Liège)

Jonathan Morton (King’s College London)

Stefano Resconi (Milan)

Irene Salvo Garcia (ENS, Lyon)

Charles Samuelson (King’s College London)

Marion Uhlig (Fribourg)

Fabio Zinelli (EPHE, Paris)

Noah and the ark add ms 15268 f007v

Miniature of Noah and the ark, from London, British Library, Add. 15268, f. 7v. Reproduced with the permission of the British Library Board.